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Home Owner Protection Plan

Increase Community Desirability

Invest in Families

and Neighborhoods



Homeownership is one of life's most important decisions and often your family's single largest asset.  How can you protect your home equity when unseen or unexpected circumstances threaten to jeopardize your investment?  What happens if your neighborhood becomes unsightly due to neighbors who aren't properly maintaining their homes, or you experience a financial or health issue which requires you quickly liquidate the equity in your home?

HOPP (Homeowner’s Protection Program)

Homeowners and HOAs who join HOPP can protect the value of their home, while maintaining the comparable value and desirability of the community.  HOPP strengthens homeowner balance sheet and helps reduce distressed sales that adversely impact property values.  Here’s how:

  • HOPP offers HOA Homeowners to sell their home at any time, for any reason, hassle free.

  • HOPP will provide the homeowner with an offer to buy their house at current fair market value in 24 hours!

  • Homeowners can always hire a Realtor and HOPP will pay $2,500 more than the price obtained by your Realtor and ensure Realtors receive any agreed upon Commission, to be paid from Seller’s proceeds.

  • HOPP will pay $1,000 to prospective homebuyers, if their offer is beaten.

  • In addition, this program offers HOA homeowners the ability to monetize equity in their home, if they need it, without more monthly payments. This provides financial security when faced with an unforeseen crisis…job loss, illness, etc., or can even be used when they’d like to make home improvements – all without adding new monthly payments.



  • Creates a new sales differentiator to attract prospective home buyers

  • Closes more sales

  • Increases Unit sales price / ASP

  • Increases affordability for Homeowners through lower borrowing rates

  • Demonstrates long‐term commitment to home buyers and communities

  • Attracts new Buyers by reducing risks/perceptions associated with “buying at the top”

  • Attracts Institutional buyers into Builder communities

  • Long term investment horizons

  • Scalable model in residential real estate that attracts Institutional Investors into this low‐beta asset class

  • All Parties in sales/re‐sales are made whole, if Fund exercises Right of First Refusal to purchase Units, then Displaced Buyer and Buyer’s Realtor are compensated.

  • PITI‐neutral impact

What is your level of effort to join Vested Communities? Minuscule.

  • Incorporate additional legal language, written and vetted by Vested Communities’ corporate legal counsel, into HOA Bylaws and Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&Rs)

  • Incorporate co‐branded marketing collateral and talk tracks, provided by Vested Communities, into existing sales training materials.

  • Sales team can refer specific homeowner questions to Vested Communities support team.



Vested Communities is a residential real estate backstop that protects homeowners’ home value and the HOA’s community value via co-investment with Institutional Capital.

  • First Right of Refusal to buy the home

  • Models financially like insurance, with equity investment upside

  • Low monthly contribution is optional for Homeowners and offers a minimal barrier to participation

  • Reduces distressed sales that adversely impact property values

  • Provides low-cost, low friction equity conversion

In addition to acquiring resale properties in the community, the Fund can also acquire fractional equity interests from homeowners (similar to, which is a non-debt HELOC-alternative that:

  • Strengthens homeowner balance sheets

  • Helps eliminate distressed sales in participating communities

  • Enhances ROI of the underlying SFR portfolio

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