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Homeowners FAQs

How does Vested Communities protect property values?

Vested Communities has developed a price protection model that gives us the same long-term interests as existing Unit Owners – protect & increase property values. We acquire properties & then use our investment capital to upgrade & maintain high quality homes. We are not just investors; we’re vested long-term in the community – just like other Homeowners.

How do I know what Vested Communities will pay me for my home?

You can come to us first, if you want to sell. Vested Communities will pay fair market value for your home and you won’t need to pay 3-6% in Realtor fees. We will publish valuations in a Quarterly Newsletter.. We have a long-term view of real estate valuations and won’t be lowering prices if there’s a “downturn” in the local market.

Can I negotiate for a higher price ?

Yes. We will pay more, if the home is worth more. We will then update our prices for all homes, increasing the valuation for everyone.

Can I list my home with a Realtor ?

Yes. If you hire a Realtor and get an offer, Vested Communities can elect to pay you $2,400 more via a Right-of-First-Refusal (ROFR). But you’ll still need to pay the 3-6% fees contractually owed to the Realtor.

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